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The Tour of Ara, named for the Southern Hemisphere constellation of Ara, is a prestige race that is ridden on vintage South African-built steel bicycles in the proud tradition of the early Italian multi-day stage races.


In August 2014, the first edition saw 35 cyclists race nearly 700km of gravel in six days, from the mountains of Franschhoek to Robertson, north to Touwsriver, then south of the N1 to Laingsburg. From there north-east to the little town of Merweville, then a climb into the west to Sutherland, after which the last stage to the south was raced to the finish in Matjiesfontein. The images below are some stills taken from the film.

Tour of Arae_030
Tour of Arae_036
Tour of Arae_038
Tour of Arae_039
Tour of Arae_035
Tour of Arae_037
Tour of Arae_028
Tour of Arae_002
Tour of Arae_010
Tour of Arae_025
Tour of Arae_032
Tour of Arae_013
Tour of Arae_021
Tour of Arae_006
Tour of Arae_027
Tour of Arae_014
Tour of Arae_033
Tour of Arae_016
Tour of Arae_009
Tour of Arae_012
Tour of Arae_020
Tour of Arae_034
Tour of Arae_029
Tour of Arae_007
Tour of Arae_022
Tour of Arae_023
Tour of Arae_004
Tour of Arae_018
Tour of Arae_003
Tour of Arae_031
Tour of Arae_005
Tour of Arae_019
Tour of Arae_017
Tour of Arae_008
Tour of Arae_024
Tour of Arae_011
Tour of Arae_001
Tour of Arae_026
Tour of Arae_015

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