RuggaKids is a privately run extra-mural activity for young children which encomapasses a love for rugby and having fun.

what's ruggakids about?

logo development

The first refinement we started with was the logo, because it would inform all of the other brand elements. 

the old logo

The old logo had a few issues which meant it didn't effectively communicate the brand values. There were also a few pragmatic concerns.

Although the bouncing ball element added a feeling of fun, it also created some versatility issues: the small text size and hand-written ‘kids’ meant that the logo couldn't be scaled easily.

The fine details in the logo also contributed to the versatility issues. We aimed for a fine balance between detail and simplicity. We avoided adding any fine details that weren't absolutely necessary.

RuggaKids is a unique brand. The logo should be unique as well. The old logo used a generic sport typeface which could be used by anybody. This hampered the unique identity of RuggaKids. When people see the logo, they should immediately recognise it as the RK logo.

the new logo

We aimed to incorporate the RuggaKids brand values in a way that resonates with the people who most often interact with the brand: the youngsters. 


Below are some of the numerous examples we explored during the re-branding process.

We transformed the logotype from the old slab serif typeface to something which better related to the youngsters who would be interacting with the brand. 

The final logo is something which communicates the brand values and stays relatable and friendly. 

The red cloud form implies fun & participation by referencing the dust clouds which appear with kids playing on a field.


the colours

The original RuggaKids colours were classic sporting colours, but they weren't appropriate for the youthful personality of the brand. So we injected some youthful vibrancy to the originals.

Rugga Red

Rugga Blue

Rugga Grey

the storyworld

Johnny is the original character that RuggaKids fans know and love. The brand was lacking diversity and inclusiveness so we added a crowd of other characters to reflect the openess of RuggaKids. Not to mention a special new character: Ol' Rugga, an old rugby ball which was brought to life because he was loved instead of thrown away.

the merchandise

the website

Only the beginning

We at Phlogiston are excited about the long-term relationship we are forming with RuggaKids.

Brand development takes time and commitment.


If you would like to see what we could do for your business or organisation, do contact us.

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