Singularity Brand Overhaul

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Singularity develops smart software that takes care of the humdrum so that people can do what they love, instead of everything else.

Singularity’s products are about using connection to help people reach their ultimate potential, and turning a jumbled mess of information into meaningful data that empowers people to make informed decisions. These two powerful concepts are what we used to inform every brand decision.

The products will be used by all kinds of folks, from the tech savvy student to the iPhobic grandmother and everyone in between. This is why we decided to keep the brand aesthetic as friendly and approachable as possible.

graphic elements

We chose three basic graphic elements that we felt represented the main concepts of the brand while keeping it friendly: the circle, the line, and the capsule shape. Combinations and modifications of these elements are used to construct all of Singularity's visuals.

logo development

Before Phlogiston got involved, Singularity was called 'MetaSportPro'. This was the original logo.

To increase the possible scope of future products, and to have a name that's easier on the tongue, we recommended that they rebrand as 'Singularity'.

The brand overhaul led to this refined version of the logo.

logo construction

The logo is made up of combinations of the primary brand elements: circle and line.

the colours
Let's connect

We created a custom typeface for Singularity which says what the brand is all about before you've even read a word.

The stationery

The storyworld

We created an entire storyworld for the Singularity brand based on the capsule shape.

We also made these handsome GIFs to show how the Singularity products change people’s lives.

The products

The Singularity magic has been tailored into two products: MetaSport and MetaSchool.

It's all about doing what you love, instead of everything else.

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