PIFF: Brand overhaul

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

PIFF (Pay It Forward Friends) is a nonprofit organisation based in South Africa that focuses on empowering people involved with children with disabilities and barriers to learning.

PIFF aims to be an authority in Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Sub-Saharan Africa. They approached us to create a fresh brand the more effectively expresses their goals, visions, and values.

The final PIFF branding was informed by their values of courage, bravery, love, friendliness, and optimism. We sought to present their brand in a way that would both reflect its values and appeal to the kids they empower - while still conveying a sense of authority and trustworthiness to potential sponsors and donors.

The colors

We chose bright colours to evoke the energy of young children and to make the branding fun, inviting, and approachable. The colours were also chosen to reflect the optimism and friendliness that characterise the organisation’s values.


We translated the values into icons which could have many applications, including patterns.


To match the vibrancy of the organisation’s new brand, we opted for a bold, geometric sans serif font that works just as well in print as it does on screen.

Our roles:

  • Brand design

  • Copywriting

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