Glory Girl Brand Development

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Glory Girl is a health & fitness lifestyle brand run by Nadine du Toit, a South African life and fitness coach based in Dubai. Nadine is also an award winning personality and social media content creator in the United Arab Emirates. Glory Girl was created to help women live their best lives possible.

From this it became clear that the central concept of the brand was ‘Vitality’. We ran with this idea and used it to inform the feeling of the entire identity.

Because GloryGirl thrives on social media presence, the brand can only be as successful as it is sharable. This is another reason we adopted the trendy pastel gradients. But, being aware of the trendiness of the pastel colours and vibrant gradients, we made sure to establish a timeless brand foundation over which we could paint any trend that emerges later on.

Glory Girl embodies an aspirational lifestyle. Therefore, the Glory Girl brand needs to speak to the people who dream of this kind of lifestyle. This is where Phlogiston came in.

Our challenge was to craft a brand identity that communicates the values and philosophy of Glory Girl to a specific target market, and helps further establish Glory Girl as an internationally recognised inspirational role model to women interested in leading a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

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