The chair, cupboard and side table are not merely products. No, they are an extension of the craftsman captured in wood, brass and finishing.

Old Barn Originals is a range of furniture and designs sprouting from over 35 years of

experience in kitchens, bathrooms, built-in cupboards and one-off designed furniture.

With values of quality, accountability and showcasing the essence of wood we are able to manufacture exclusive furniture pieces ranging from 16-seater industrial pine dining room tables to expertly crafted decorative items for your ideal living space.

Old Barn Originals is driven by an awareness of community challenges and actively engaging in upliftment and job-creation projects we strive to be a socially responsible business.

logo development

This is the original Old Barn logo. For the rebranding of Old Barn, we want to retain the heritage and handmade feeling, but with an energy that is sophisticated and excited about the future. 

The new logo is bold yet thoughtful. By using clean lines and classic serif type, we have developed a brand that is versatile, sophisticated and rooted. 

logo construction

Prep sketch styles serve as the inspiration to the logo, with its clean lines and simplified shape. 

Based on the original logo

We simplified the structure

Open and friendly entrance,

slightly bulging walls for a wholesome feeling.


This 18th century inspired typeface represents the craftsmanship and attention to details inherent to Old Barn. It is official, yet friendly.

Designed for screens, this typeface is scalable and versatile. Its x-height compliments the tall Playfair typeface and its sans serif style draws Old Barn into a digital age. 

This 18th century inspired typeface represents the craftsmanship and attention to details inherent to Old Barn 


Main Page Letterhead

Secondary Page Letterhead

Business Cards

Email Signature

brand images

The feeling of the brand is captured in furniture photography. We use close-up angles, using a high depth of field and unsaturated colours. We want to communicate how things feel; on your skin, and in your home.

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